"Четем, за да знаем, че не сме сами" К. С. Луис.





This is a touching story about a Setter with a black ear, who becomes homeless because of his master's illness. Ivan Ivanovich, an older man who is fond of hunting and nature, adopts a puppy despite the dog's improper coloration and black ear, which are considered faults in terms of its breed standard. The man names his dog Bim  and often takes him hunting in the country.

Ivan Ivanovich begins to develop heart problems, and when the disease becomes worse, he is taken to a hospital. His dog can't bear waiting for the only person that ever cared for him, and sets out to find his master. Thus begins the story of a stray dog and his many adventures and encounters with many people, both kind and cruel. Ultimately, he is unable to find a permanent home. His owner returns home only to discover that Bim has been betrayed by a neighbor and killed.


Published: 10.11.2013
Edition: Paperback
No of pages: 248
Product Dimensions: 13  x 20 x 1.3 cm
Shipping Weight: 250 gr

ISBN 978-619-7055-07-8